This Is One Mandolin Microphone That Will Make Your Picking Easier... And We Don't Mean With The Strings!


October 31, 2018


When it comes to the mandolin, it is obvious there is no shortage of microphone options. However, because there are so many mandolin microphones on the market, it can be hard to find the one that is right for you. A true-sounding pickup, an easy to use microphone and non-permanent attachments are all key factors in choosing the perfect mandolin pickup and mandolin microphone. Luckily, there is one mandolin pickup that has all of these qualities in one convenient package. That is the Myers Mandolin Pickup! Achieve the same natural and acoustic sound of your mandolin, easily attach and detach the mandolin pickup from your instrument without any damage and also choose from a wide range of mounting options that will meet your needs as a musician.


The Grip Mandolin Pickup


The first Myers mandolin pickup and mandolin microphone we will discuss is the Grip Series. This mandolin microphone gets it’s name because it uses a suction cup to mount the mandolin microphone’s preamp box, straight to the body or face of the mandolin. This mandolin pickup attaches with no harm to the surface of your mandolin, allowing you to easily stick and remove the mandolin pickup from the face of your mandolin and move it to another spot. Because most mandolins have a shiny and smooth surface, the suction cup becomes a worry-free way to mic your instrument. The options are also limitless as to the location that your mandolin pickup can be placed. The Grip Mandolin Pickup also comes in multiple styles. You can choose between a shorter mandolin microphone or a longer one, and even choose between a single mandolin microphone or multiple mandolin microphones out of one preamp box. The option of mounting the preamp box directly to your mandolin allows you to easily control the volume of your mandolin pickup. If the thought of a suction cup and having the preamp box on your mandolin freaks you out then we have other options that may suit you better.


The Feather Mandolin Microphone

download (1).jpg

The Feather mandolin microphone is among the most popular mandolin pickups when it comes to any instrument, especially the mandolin. The Feather mandolin pickup gets it’s name because it has a long mandolin microphone that easily attaches to your mandolin without any bulk or much weight. Easily clip the mandolin microphone to the tail piece of your mandolin or even to the sound hole. This placement allows the mandolin microphone to sit in the perfect spot to capture every note escaping. The preamp box of the mandolin pickup then can be clipped to either a belt, pocket or even to the strap of your mandolin. This allows the mandolin pickup to be out of the way and allows you more freedom to move around and move your hands without thinking twice of interfering with the mandolin pickup. Like the grip series mandolin pickups, the Feather series mandolin pickups also come with the ability to add multiple mandolin microphones all out of one preamp box. This allows you to place a mandolin microphone in each of the sound holes and not miss a single string plucked or chord strummed.


The mandolin is a beautiful instrument that is capable of so many unique sounds, both on the lower and higher ends of the spectrum. With Myers mandolin pickups, you can rest assured that you will not lose the natural sound of your mandolin. Achieve amplification of your mandolin while still keeping the real, authentic sound. We know you have many choices when choosing a mandolin microphone and mandolin pickup option. We stand by our mandolin pickups with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a commitment to excellent customer service. Become a part of the Myers family and enjoy all of these benefits!