Amplify Your Ukulele Without Losing The Acoustic Sound With Our Ukulele Pickup


October 11, 2017


       The sound of the coastal breeze, the cracklin' of a fire pit in the night or a simple evening on the front porch, nothing pairs better with these than the natural and acoustic sound of the ukulele. The ukulele is an instrument that is simple in appearance and designed to match the environment that it is primarily found in. Natural and pure tone is what draws many musicians and artists to the ukulele. So when the topic of an ukulele pickup is brought up it is usually met with hesitation and disgust. Why would someone want to take the pureness of the ukulele and add what most pickups put out which is a metallic and tinny sound taking the rawness away from any acoustic instrument. That is until now! We have designed all of our ukulele pickups to capture the rawness and acoustic tone of the ukulele. With the design of an ukulele pickup and the richness of an ukulele microphone, Myers Pickups has the perfect solution for you!


The Grip Ukulele Pickup

ukulele pickup.jpg

       One of the popular ukulele pickups we offer is the Grip. This ukulele pickup is built with the same simplicity in mind as the ukulele and offers an easy mounting solution. As with all of our ukulele pickups, this ukulele pickup has a powered preamp with a convenient volume knob so you can stay in control of your sound at all times. The preamp box attaches to the ukulele safely with a suction cup allowing you to avoid damaging your ukulele. Stemming from the ukulele pickup box is the ukulele microphone. The Grip Ukulele Pickup offers a 3" and a 6" ukulele microphone to easily reach that sweet spot of your ukulele. The ukulele microphone is made with to be flexible so you can easily bend the ukulele microphone where you would like it and it will hold that position. This design makes setting up for a gig very quick and easy, and you can capture the acoustics of the ukulele while being able to amplify it as well.

The Feather Ukulele Pickup

       Named our most versatile pickup, the Feather ukulele pickup offers a different mounting option that may suit you best. Instead of the use of a suction cup, this ukulele pickup attaches the preamp box conveniently to your belt with a provided clip. This allows you to keep the ukulele pickup preamp box off of your ukulele but still close enough to access the volumes knob. Out from the preamp box is a long 48" ukulele microphone that easily attaches to several places on the ukulele with the provided mounting clips. This allows you to place the ukulele microphone on your ukulele without any extra weight and the without the preamp box anywhere in sight. This lightweight ukulele pickup received it's name the "Feather" for being so lightweight. 

       The ukulele has a pure acoustic tone and that sound should never be sacrificed when looking to amplify it. With any one of our ukulele pickups you can achieve phenomenal sound in one, easy to set up and easy to use, self-powered preamp box. This ukulele pickup has everything you need in a ukulele pickup. Easily attach the ukulele pickup to almost any wireless pack and achieve even more freedom without losing any of the natural sound of the ukulele. You truly cannot hear the difference until you try our ukulele pickup, so order yours risk free with our 100% satisfaction guaranteed commitment. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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