PATENT #D571,851 S ~ PATENT #9,466,277 B1 ~ PATENT #D778,980 S

PATENT #D571,851 S ~ PATENT #9,466,277 B1 ~ PATENT #D778,980 S



As a young man, the designer of each of our pickup models, Gregg Myers, was instilled with confidence when his father told him that he had the ability to do anything he desired because he had “the Myers hands.” This propelled him to toy with ideas and eventually brought about the concept behind the striking wood drum he designed and built for his son. With the electronics for amplification mounted inside the drum, this design innovation earned Gregg his initial patent.

From there, the idea progressed to placing the amplification components into a smaller box which could be used on multiple instruments. The Myers Pickup was born, creating the universal aspect of our pickups and allowing them to be used on any acoustic instrument!

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GREGG MYERS (Managing Partner/Owner/Inventor)

Gregg is our creative inspiration and the designer of each of our pickup models. We celebrate the fact that he currently holds three patents: one for our internally amplified drums, as well as Design and Utility patents for our pickups. Gregg continues to be inspired by responding to the desires of our customers to create new ideas and models to serve their specific needs.

While faith and family remain Gregg’s top priorities, whenever he is in his workshop, tinkering with a new design, you will find him most fulfilled and in his element. Gregg also oversees every aspect of our company.

Gregg’s pride and joy are his three artistic, amazing adult children, his beautiful daughter-in-law and (so far) one treasured grandson! The creative gifts run strongly through our family.

Gregg's daughter, Heather, is a talented artist in her own right. Her passions are pastels, acrylics and her favorite medium is pen and ink. Soon, we hope to release one of her designs as a Limited Edition cover for our pickups so stay tuned! His two sons, Chase and Chadd are also key players in our company. Their talents are featured below. The creative ideas never stop flowing as we work together to serve you!


CHASE MYERS (Production Manager)

Chase assures that our pickups are manufactured to the highest quality standards. With a background in Graphic Arts, he also lends his creative expertise to letting you know what we’re up to at Myers Pickups through Facebook and Instagram. You can see his additional gifts in action through our videos and website. Our site redesign could not have been a reality without his thoughtful attention and expertise!


ALYSSA MYERS (Creative Consultant)

Alyssa has her hands full as Chase's wife and an awesome mom to their son, Lucky and new baby, River. She still finds time to contribute unique concepts to us all and adds her incredible insight to each of our projects. What lights Chase and Alyssa up more than anything is being together as a family. After enduring several difficult losses, they strive everyday to honor their babies.


CHADD MYERS (Website Designer)

Chadd created our website to be as friendly and useful as possible to our customers. We are thankful for his diligent oversight as we develop it even further! Chadd lives with the love of his life, Kassi, who is also an incredible artist.


WENDY MYERS (Co-Partner & Office Manager)

Wendy is honored to be Gregg's wife and the "Mama Bear" of this beautiful family! She's also the detail person behind the creativity. Her goal is to free the creative minds of our team by handling the necessary aspects behind the scenes. One of her most important areas of oversight is assuring that your pickup is packaged and mailed so that it arrives safely with the accessories you need to make the music that you love!




Our company was named to reflect our belief that we are co-creators with God and that He inspires our inventive ideas. This conviction is woven into our company name and into every pickup that we make!

As a family, it is our commitment to continue to produce unique, quality products to enhance your joy in your own creative endeavors!

Our motto inspires us every day to serve you better:

Your Passion. Heard.


Myers Pickups and Myers Percussion are divisions of MYERSCO LLC

PATENT #D571,851 S ~ PATENT #9,466,277 B1 ~ PATENT #D778,980 S