Over 36 Strings, All Captured With This Autoharp Pickup


October 4, 2017


The autoharp is not the most common instrument on the music scene today. However, it is one that requires skill and practice to perfect. The autoharp is a mix between an acoustic guitar and a harp, consisting of a thin body and over 36 strings. The autoharp is played by strumming the strings while pressing on the chord bars, producing a multitude of sounds. A soft hum and the notes from every strum combine together to form a wonderful array of sound, popular in many folk and country genres of music. Due to the limited available space between the strings, chord bars and the bridge and tuning pins on the autoharp, an autoharp pickup was never an option. Until now. We will name a few of the most popular models of our autoharp pickups that allow you to capture the multitude of sounds from your autoharp while experiencing freedom on stage with our specially designed autoharp pickups. 

The Grip-6" Autoharp Pickup

download (1).jpg

This autoharp pickup is the most popular autoharp pickup we offer because of how easy it is to use and remove from the autoharp. This autoharp pickup uses a suction cup, allowing you to easily stick it on to the side of the autoharp, securely and out of the way. Due to the smooth finish of most autoharps, this autoharp pickup's suction cup strongly holds the self-powered preamp to the autoharp, making it easy to control the volume knob of the autoharp pickup. The 6" flexible autoharp microphone extends out of the preamp, making it convenient to position the autoharp microphone right on top of the sound hole and strings, catching every note you play. The flexible autoharp microphone will hold whatever position you choose. As with all of our autoharp pickups, you get a clear, natural, true-to-ear sound that you cannot get from any other autoharp pickup. You will also enjoy easy-to-use attachment, both small and out of the way, that you cannot get from any other autoharp microphone.

The Feather Autoharp Pickup

The Feather is our most versatile pickup and is another favorite autoharp pickup. Although you get the same clear sound out of this autoharp pickup as you do with the other model we previously described, there are many differences that make this autoharp pickup a very good solution. First, the autoharp pickup has a long 4' autoharp microphone that easily attaches to the autoharp. This version of the autoharp pickup allows you to keep the battery powered preamp off your instrument and still close enough to reach on your belt, in order to adjust the volume when needed. This autoharp pickup is called the Feather because it is so light that you will not even feel it attached to your instrument and will allow you to avoid any extra weight. This autoharp pickup allows musicians who prefer not to use suction cups on their instruments another alternative that effectively catches every single note exiting out of their autoharp.

You have to try it to believe the natural and clear sound you get from our autoharp pickups. We make trying it out even easier by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every autoharp pickup, along with personalized customer support. You have nothing to lose! We are certain that from the second you attach the autoharp pickup to your autoharp, you will be hooked! Hear the finest details of all the strings and have the freedom to move around stage, all at the same time. Connect to a wireless pack for even more mobility. With our autoharp pickups, you can now have the best of both worlds without sacrificing natural sound.