A Cajon Pickup That Packs A Real Punch!


September 27, 2017


In many different cultures, cajon drums are a significant piece of the band ensemble. Cajon drums come in many shapes and sizes, giving the music a unique sound while allowing a group to achieve an acoustic percussive sound without setting up an entire drum kit. All over the world, cajon drums are becoming more and more popular. We created a few of our pickups with cajons in mind, allowing musicians to get a punch when they hit their cajon, while still attaching and detaching easily without damaging the drum. We will look at the most popular models of cajon pickups that we have created to capture the deep bass and also the highs that a cajon can produce. Like cajons, our cajon pickups come in different shapes and sizes but can capture the variety of sounds you expect from your cajon.


The Grip Cajon Pickup


The Grip cajon pickup is one of the first models we created and we did so, specifically with percussion instruments in mind. This cajon pickup easily attaches with a secure suction cup that is safe for any cajon drum. Simply stick it on, plug it in and play. The suction cup adheres nicely to the smooth finish most cajons have. This Grip contains a built-in cajon microphone inside the preamp box, making it easy to use. Simply stick it on and let the cajon microphone do the rest. For those musicians who prefer not to use a suction cup, we recommend using the cajon pickup with our "Grip Clip." The grip clip attaches to the cajon pickup preamp box, allowing you to easily clip the cajon pickup to the sound hole of the cajon. Be prepared for a massive sound of highs and lows, allowing you to play as loud as the rest of your band.

The Grip-3" Cajon Pickup


This version of our cajon pickup gives you the freedom to place the cajon microphone in the perfect spot to hit every note of your cajon. This cajon pickup securely attaches to the smooth finish of most cajon drums with a suction cup. What separates this cajon pickup from the previous model is that there is an external cajon microphone, extending out from the preamp box. This allows you to attach the preamp box and then direct the flexible cajon microphone to the precise place you want it, in order to capture your sound. Place it where you wish, and be assured that it will hold that position while you play. Like all of our cajon pickups, this cajon pickup has a volume knob attached to the preamp box, making it easy to turn up or down during a live gig. Hear the natural tones of the cajon clearly, similar to the conga drums, with this cajon pickup.

The Grip Plus Deluxe Cajon Pickup

The last cajon pickup to look at is our Grip Plus Deluxe pickup system. This cajon pickup is designed to give you complete coverage of your cajon's sound. The Grip Plus Deluxe cajon pickup has not one, not two, but three microphones, all stemming from the preamp box! These three cajon microphones allow you to capture every note hit throughout the cajon. Each cajon microphone has a flexible neck, allowing you to position each one in any direction you would like. Place them all in different directions or a couple to the same side. Whatever you prefer, you can make it happen with this cajon pickup. With three high quality cajon microphones all powered by the preamp box, you can capture the highs and lows, all at the same time. 

The cajon deserves to be able to achieve the same amount of gain as any other instrument, and with our cajon pickups, it is now possible. Turn up the volume and feel the bass shake your body and sense the treble, adding to your music. As with every cajon pickup we offer, you get the clear and natural sound of your instrument, keeping your cajon acoustic-sounding and not electric. These cajon pickups all come with 100% satisfaction guaranteed so you have nothing to lose by grabbing one and throwing it on your cajon drum. Try one today so you can hear and feel the difference of your cajon with one of our handmade cajon pickups!