Every High and Every Low With Our Cello Pickup

September 20, 2017


Cellos are an amazing instrument full of depth and richness. Whether it be a long and low note in a film or a high and powerful note in a song, cellos have the power to capture every range of tone and emotion. When it comes to putting a microphone or a pickup on your cello, you want something that will keep all these great qualities that the cello has to offer. Rich sound, both highs and lows and also the ability to attach and remove without ever damaging your cello. We will share a few of our top rated cello pickups that will have you easily attaching a quality microphone and a powered preamp box to your cello without any concern of damaging it. We know our cello pickups are perfect for your cello, and we will share the differences between each one so you can choose which cello pickup is right for you.


The Feather Cello Pickup

cello pickup 4.jpg

The first cello pickup is the Feather Cello Pickup and is the most versatile pickup we have to offer because of the design with musicians in mind. We strategically designed a cello pickup that captured the natural acoustic tones of the cello while being as small and unnoticeable as possible. To do this, we designed this cello pickup with a long cello microphone that is connected to the preamp box, allowing you to keep the powered preamp separate from the cello microphone. Clip the preamp box with volume knob of the cello pickup to your belt buckle, music stand or anywhere close enough for you to reach it without having to attach it to your instrument. Easily clip the cello microphone to the bridge or tailpiece of your cello and move the flexible cello microphone to that sweet spot of your cello. The cello microphone will hold the position while you play, making it an essential tool for any cellist.


The Grip-6" Cello Pickup w/ Cello Clip

cello pickup.jpg

The next cello pickup we will look at is the Grip-6" cello pickup. This pickup has an included clip that is ideal for any cello. Easily attach the preamp box of the cello pickup to the cello clip and freely place it anywhere on your cello. Most musicians prefer to place it either on the f-hole, bridge or even the tail piece which can easily be done without damaging your cello. This cello pickup has a 6" flexible cello microphone extending from the preamp box, making it more convenient to place and hold the cello mic wherever you would prefer. The flexible cello microphone allows the cello pickup to capture the true sound of the cello, right at the source. Hear the same authentic acoustics from a set of speakers that you would hear straight from the cello, only louder, thanks to our cello pickup. As always, the volume knob attached to the preamp box makes it easy to stay in control of your sound. 


With both the "Feather cello pickup and the "Grip-6" cello pickup, you will achieve the most natural, true-to-ear sound that you can get out of any cello microphone. Amplify your cello with these cello pickups without losing the tone or distorting it to a tinny and muddied sound. Our highest priority has always been to create microphones that represent the instrument correctly, and these cello pickups are no exception. Enjoy them risk free with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and continual customer support.