Keep That Rich Sound With Our Violin Pickup


September 13, 2017


Violins are an especially elegant instrument. From the long, low notes to the fast finger plucking, violins have the ability to capture many sounds and emotions. The strings vibrate with ease and beauty as the bow slides across each of them, slowly and methodically, presenting an array of beautiful hums. There is a depth of sound that comes from the violin. It's a sound that is hard to capture with a violin pickup or a violin microphone. Instruments like the violin, were made to be acoustic, made to project the great sound out of the f-holes and into the ears of so many. When we talked about making a pickup microphone with violins in mind, we knew it was all about sound, sound and sound. If we could not make a violin pickup that could capture the true-to-ear, rich sound of the violin, then there was no point in attempting it. Luckily, we did it! We will share a few of our best violin pickup options for you to use on your violin, all of which capture the highs and lows of your violin with a perfect and true sound.


The Feather Violin Pickup


The first violin pickup that we recommend for violins would be our violin pickup known as the "Feather." This model was designed to keep the preamp box off of your instrument but still close enough to access the volume knob. This violin pickup gives you the ability to attach the powered preamp box to your belt or pocket, as the long violin microphone attaches to the violin. This design allows for less weight on the upper and lower areas of the violin, leaving you no extra weight to support. The end of the long violin microphone has a flexible gooseneck mic that easily attaches to the chin rest, tailpiece or even the f-hole on the violin. Many violinists prefer to attach the violin microphone to the chin rest or tailpiece of their violin and guide the flexible violin microphone to sit right above the f-hole, ready to catch every note you play. The design of this violin pickup allows ultimate freedom on stage and you will be left playing as if there is no violin microphone attached. 


The Clamp Violin Pickup

The second model is our "Clamp" violin pickup. This violin pickup is nice because it sits securely on the depth of the violin with use of a tension clamp. The clamp allows you to easily place this violin pickup on either side of the violin and out of the way, where movement will be. This version of our violin pickups comes with either a 3" or a 6" flexible violin microphone that can sit and hold its position, right above the f-hole which is where most musicians prefer to place it. This violin pickup allows the preamp box to sit on the violin safely with rubber and cork bumpers, allowing you to easily turn the volume up and down without ever having to even let go of the bow. This violin pickup captures the violin's richness with the same high quality violin microphone as the Feather and all of our pickups.


The Grip Violin Pickup

This violin pickup known as the "Grip" is the least common of the three violin pickups but is still preferred by some violinists because of the difference in attachment. This violin pickup uses a suction cup that is attached to the bottom of the preamp box, making it easy to place the whole violin pickup system onto your violin, without ever damaging it. The suction cup mounts securely to violins that have the smooth and glossy finish to them. Some violinists that have the glossy violin look prefer the suction cup because it is the easiest attachment to use, since everyone knows how a suction cup works. This violin pickup comes in both a single 3" or 6" model and even comes with the option of multiple violin microphones to attach all over the violin, covering both the f-holes. 


There is no way to go wrong with one of our violin pickups because all of our violin pickups use the same microphones. Our violin microphones capture the beauty that makes the violin the violin. Hear the deep tones and rich sound as well as the elegant finger plucking. Play in a small group or full orchestra and have the same reassurance that your sound will be as authentic as when you practice alone. Hear the same acoustics picked up from our violin pickups that you hear all the time. We know you will love the sound and realize there is a violin pickup out there that focuses on sound and, along with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose!