Our Banjo Pickups Will Give You Something To Dance About

September 6, 2017



The Banjo is an instrument that appears simple. However, the banjo can be difficult to amplify, due to the way it is built. Although it appears to look similar to a guitar, the real difference can be found down at the pot of the instrument where some banjos have an open back, metal brackets around the rim and a head that helps to produce and project sound, similar to a resonator guitar. Banjos typically involve a fast picking style and banjo pickups have trouble achieving the authentic pluck sounds and highs of the instrument. Standing in front of a microphone may get you the most authentic sound, but because the sound of the banjo projects, the microphone will only catch a portion of the music. We heard of the hardships involved with using banjo pickups and microphones during live performances, which is why we worked to develop our pickups to allow you to capture the sound right at the source, while not interfering with the authentic banjo sound. Although many of our pickups will work on your instrument, we will highlight the top two banjo pickups that work best for you and your banjo. Get the ease of the banjo pickup and the quality of the banjo microphone.


The Feather Banjo Pickup


This model is by far the most versatile pickup we sell, and makes for the perfect banjo pickup because it attaches with the banjo design in mind. This banjo pickup has a battery powered preamp that can either attach to your belt or to your banjo strap. A long, flexible banjo microphone extends from this preamp box and uses any one of our multiple clips to attach securely to the bracket of your banjo. Clipping the banjo microphone to the bracket allows the banjo microphone to sit right above the head of the banjo or in one of the open holes along the rim. With this banjo microphone not resting on the head of your banjo you can rest assured that the natural sound of your banjo will remain a constant. The last 6 inches of the banjo microphone has a flexible wire that will hold the banjo microphone in the exact spot you would like it. Easily remove the banjo microphone and clip it back on whenever is needed. Simplicity at its finest!


The Feather-2 Banjo Pickup

download (1).jpg

This banjo pickup is almost identical to the Feather banjo pickup. However, instead of having a single banjo microphone extending from the preamp box, you have two. Place each banjo microphone around the brackets of your banjo and feel confident in catching every note plucked. Because banjos resonate their sound, some musicians feel more confident having their banjo pot surround by more than one banjo microphone. This banjo pickup allows you to do this with ease and, because of the design, you do not have the preamp box anywhere that is easily visible. With the preamp not mounted to your banjo you have the freedom of space to pluck away without knocking or hitting the banjo microphone or banjo pickup. Reach down and control the volume with the external volume knob and you are in complete control over the sound of your banjo.


Either one of these banjo pickups will work perfectly for you and your banjo, and both come with the same high quality banjo microphone that will leave you wanting to play more and more. Experience the same raw and authentic sound of your banjo at a greater volume through an amp or a speaker. Our banjo pickups will allow you to direct the flexible microphone directly to your banjo so, whether you're playing a small gig or with a full band, your banjo sound will be coming through full force. As always, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can get your hands on a Myers banjo pickup, risk free. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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