Acoustic Guitar Pickups, The Search Stops Here

August 30, 2017



Of all the instruments that we dove into when developing new pickup microphones, the acoustic guitar has by far the most options available on the market today. From built-in pickups, to pickups that sit across the sound hole, there is no shortage of options and designs to get a pickup for your acoustic guitar. When we set a goal to make a superior pickup that would stand out from the rest, we made sure that natural sound was the most important factor, followed by making it easy to place wherever a musician would like to attach it. The fact of the matter is that acoustic guitar pickups have gotten a bad name because they haven't been able to keep the true acoustic sound of the guitar. What was once a deep, rich tone is turned into a metal infused sound. With all of our pickups you will achieve true-to-ear sound that will allow you to have maximum control of placement without sacrificing the sound you desire. We will highlight a few of our acoustic guitar pickups that our customers have found to be a solution to their microphone needs.


The Grip-3" Acoustic Guitar Pickup


This acoustic guitar pickup is the first and most popular model we offer for acoustic guitars. Customers are drawn to this acoustic guitar microphone because it is easily attached and removed with the use of a suction cup. Place the acoustic guitar pickup wherever is best for you. Don't like it? Take it off and move it over. This acoustic guitar pickup is out-of-the-box ready to play. Most acoustic guitars have a smooth finish or have a smooth pick guard near the sound hole, making it the perfect place for the suction cup to securely attach. The attached 3" or 6" acoustic guitar microphone extending out from the pre-amp box allows even more freedom when playing. Bend the microphone in any direction and watch as it holds its position, capturing every sound you play. 

The Feather Acoustic Guitar Pickup

The Feather makes for a perfect acoustic guitar pickup because it is a subtle solution for musicians who are concerned with using a suction cup. The built-in pre-amp control module can be clipped to your belt buckle or guitar strap and then the acoustic guitar microphone easily clips onto the sound hole opening. This acoustic guitar microphone sits securely on the sound hole and is almost unnoticeable. The volume knob is only a reach away and the acoustic guitar pickup is ready to rock and move with you. All of our pickups are wireless compatible, making moving around the stage a no brainer. Freedom is our goal! Whether it is the sound or the discreetness of the feather acoustic guitar pickup that you're after, you will be in good hands when playing your show.

It can be overwhelming to search for the best acoustic guitar pickup. We understand this, which is why we focus so much on sound, since that is ultimate goal --- to keep the same sound, only louder. We also help by providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we know what our acoustic guitar pickups are capable of and we know from the first second you hear the natural sound of your acoustic guitar, blaring out of the amp or speakers from the acoustic guitar microphone, you will be hooked! Give us a shot and let us serve to keep your signature sound, and have it be heard!