Put the "Resonate" Back in Resonator Pickup

August 23, 2017


The Natural Amplifier


Resonator guitars are a thing of beauty! Some resonators have a slick and shiny cover plate, looking like a well polished guitar while other resonator guitars are built with a rugged, distressed metal look. No matter what kind of resonator guitar you are into, one thing is certain --- they are a work of art! Apart from their eye-catching looks, resonators are sometimes built with multiple cones to help amplify and project the noise made from the instrument. Compared to an ordinary acoustic guitar, resonators have the ability to disperse the high vibrations across the room. However, to use a resonator at a larger event, amplification is still a necessity. Resonator guitars are built to look natural and musicians want the sound of their guitars to be just as natural. We want the same thing, which is why we created our pickups to keep the natural and pure sound that the resonator guitar has. We have several models of pickups that work great with the resonator guitar, but we will look at three different styles of pickups that are ensured to keep the natural sound of your resonator guitar.

The Grip Resonator Guitar Pickup


The first resonator guitar pickup to consider is our Myers Grip 3" or 6" pickup. These pickups are perfect for resonator guitars because of the application method. These resonator guitar pickups use a sturdy suction cup that is attached to the pre-amp box of the pickup system. Easily attach the resonator guitar pickup straight to the body of your resonator, plug it in and play! The suction cup allows the resonator pickup to easily be applied and removed, completely hassle free. The resonator pickups also come in different gooseneck lengths. Choose either a 3" or a 6" gooseneck microphone that exits out of the pre-amp box of the resonator pickup unit, and you now have the ability to precisely control where your mic will be stationed. The grip series pickups make it easy to set up and play in a number of seconds.


The Grip Plus Deluxe Resonator Guitar Pickup

Another great resonator guitar pickup is our Grip Plus Deluxe. This model comes with the same suction cup attachment, allowing it to be applied and removed easily. An added bonus of this resonator pickup is the fact that one pre-amp box houses three microphones. These resonator microphones give you the ability to cover a greater area of the cover plate openings where the sound is escaping. This pickup contains one 3" gooseneck and two 6" resonator microphones. Now you don't have to worry about a single note or nuance being missed, and you will still have freedom of movement because the microphone is attached directly to your instrument. Forget standing in front a microphone, hoping that as the sound expands out of your resonator, the stationary mic will catch it. Put the three resonator microphones right at the source and have confidence that every note will be heard!


The Feather Resonator Guitar Pickup

The last pickup we're highlighting is our resonator pickup known as the "Feather." This pickup has one long microphone that can easily clip onto the cover plate of your resonator. This resonator guitar pickup captures the sound and natural tone of your guitar but allows you to keep the pre-amp box away from the body of the guitar. Simply clip the resonator pickup pre-amp to either the resonator guitar strap or to your belt buckle. This allows the pre-amp box to be out of the way and have the most unobtrusive resonator microphone securely attached to the cover plate of your resonator. Some musicians are hesitant to use a suction cup on their instrument, and this model of our resonator pickups solves that problem, using only secure clips to hold the pre-amp box and the resonator microphones with no worries that the clips will damage your guitar in any way!


All of these resonator microphone systems work perfectly to get the best of both worlds. Keep the natural sound and feel of your resonator guitar as it was intended to be, while enjoying the freedom of consistent sound and not being stuck to a stationary microphone. It is not always easy to create what you hear in your head and communicate it to the ears of those who listen but, with our pickups, you will be able to keep that authentic sound you would expect to hear from a resonator guitar. Our resonator pickups are made with care and attention to the details that help any resonator performer get the most out of their instrument.