A Standing Ovation For This Upright Bass Pickup!

November 8, 2018


The Upright Bass is a large instrument with a deep sound. The sound the fills the air around the other instruments on stage and beautifully mixes it into one cohesive tone. The upright bass is an important part of any jazz band or orchestra. The sound is so crucial that finding the best set up to mic the upright bass properly can be a difficult task. Until now that is. Myers Pickups offer a wide range of upright bass pickups that allow any musician to capture the tone of their bass and making it easily to amplify through an amp or speaker.


The Grip With Bass/Cello Clip

The Grip Bass_Cello Clip.jpg

The Grip Upright Bass Pickup is the most popular upright bass pickup that we offer. This upright bass pickup consists of a single preamp module powered by a battery so you can plug in and play virtually anywhere. The upright bass pickup has a volume knob so you can stay in control of the sound you want when you want it. Out of the upright bass pickup comes one, two or even three upright bass microphones allowing you to catch every note racing out of the f-holes. These upright bass microphones come in either a 3” or 6” size giving you plenty of room to bend and position the upright bass microphones in any direction desired. The bass/cello clip provided in this upright bass pickup package makes it easy to mount the preamp right to your upright bass with no hassle and no damage to your instrument. Clip the preamp of the upright bass pickup straight into the f-hole and position the upright bass microphones to any desired direction. The freedom to position each upright bass microphone in any direction allows you to send that unique tone of your instrument straight to the audience without losing a bit of it.


The Feather Upright Bass Pickup


The performance of our Upright Bass Pickups do not change between design, instead what changes is the placement of the preamp system. Our Feather Upright Bass Pickup allows you to keep the preamp system off of the upright bass and clip it to a near by music stand or your belt. This allows freedom from mounting large upright bass microphones directly onto your upright bass which then need a power cable rubbing against the upright bass. This bulk can start to weigh down. With our Feather Upright Bass Pickup you have the freedom to choose where to place the built in battery-powered preamp wherever you would like it to be. The Feather has a single upright bass microphone that extends 48” long being able to make the reach from your belt or a music stand right to your upright bass. The same high performance upright bass microphone easily clips on with one of our mini clips. The audience will miss the small upright bass microphone wire connected to your upright bass. All of our pickups pair with most wireless packs giving you even more freedom to move around while being able to adjust the volume on your upright bass pickup.


The Feather-2 Upright Bass Pickup

The last model we will look at is almost identical to the last upright bass pickup, however this pickup has two upright bass microphones leading out of the preamp system. This design allows you to again have the freedom of where to place the upright bass pickup while now being able to catch the sounds out of both f-holes. Many instruments get highs and lows out of different sections of their instruments, and this upright bass pickup allows you to not miss a single high or low note because they are all covered with their own upright bass microphone on each side. Easily clip on the discreet upright bass microphones and begin to hear the power of the upright bass clearly through the house speakers of wherever you are playing at. With this model of our upright bass microphones ultimate freedom on stage is in your hands.


The upright bass has a deep sound while still being able to reach some higher notes. Do not let a single one slip away and buy yourself one of the above upright bass pickups that we offer. All of our upright bass microphones are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and 2 year warranty. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Also, check out our ultra light weight Mogami instrument cables to easily plug your upright bass pickup into without feeling the weight. Enjoy and the let music be played and your passion be heard!

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