Lincoln Mick

Professional Mandolinist

Nashville, TN


“What I love most is that the sound it delivers is the sound that my mandolin actually makes. When I play shows, what I’m hearing is the same thing that I hear when I’m at home, playing in the living room. Completely different than most other piezo pickups.”


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The Arcadian Wild began in the fall of 2013 when a few choir students from Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN met up after class to jam for the afternoon. Five years later, the band now consists of guitarist, Isaac Horn and mandolinist, Lincoln Mick, who together explore a unique acoustic sound that is simultaneously unified and diverse. Inspired by artists who seek to blend folk and formal music, The Arcadian Wild offers up songs of invitation; calls to come and see, to find refuge and rest, or to journey and wonder.

“I’ve been using the Feather for about a year now, and I’ve really loved it a lot. The sound it produces is just spectacular. I have a K&K twin internal pickup installed on the underside of the mandolin, but there’s just no comparison between the two. I’ve been so pleased with it, I’ve been planning to order the Grip to amplify my standard mandolin, and start using the Feather to amplify my octave mandolin during shows.”

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