Martin Gibney

Professional Musician

Fife, Scotland

"I have played guitar since I was 15 --- sometimes in a semi professional capacity in the late 60's and early 70's. I'm now retired and have the time to indulge my love of music and playing. I have a good stable of guitars, mostly American built and my latest acquisition is a Michael Messer blues resonator guitar, which has the most beautiful sound. Playing this type of guitar is a new challenge and I wanted a pickup so that I could also play through an amp or PA. All the advice said to use a microphone for the best reproduction of these types of guitars, and that's when I came across the Myers resonator guitar pickup. I purchased one and wow, what a clever little piece of kit! This resonator guitar pickup reproduces and enhances the sound and tone of the guitar without compromise. I use a small pedal board with reverb, delay and chorus pedals, and a decent DI box into a small PA for my acoustic guitars. The sound from this little resonator guitar microphone is superb! I've also played it through a Boss ME 80 into an Fender Blues Junior and a Fishman Loudbox Artist. The Myers Pickup handles both with no issues. I would recommend this little beauty to anyone wanting to reproduce that tone that they love from their instrument."

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