Gerry Vassilatos

Autoharp Musician

Staten Island, NY

"I play an Oscar Scmidt Autoharp which was sold without the chord bars in place. I removed the bar brackets. Used as a broad-tone Psaltery, I remain amazed by the beauty of this natural wood masterpiece. Amplifying the tonal quality of the instrument was the real problem. I had absolutely no success with either magnetic bar pickups (60 cycle buzz) or piezoelectric discs (distortion).
My Myers Autoharp Pickup continues to provide the most natural and tonally accurate sound with a powerful signal, capable of triggering guitar effects pedals. I alternately use the Mr. Black "Eterna" and the TC "Trinity" --- both modulated "shimmer" reverb processors. The sound is, to say the very least, aetherial. Thank you, Gregg, for your marvelous and very affordable design."

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