Gandharva Earl Sauls

Professional Musician

Ridgefield Park, NJ

"I play a lot of my jazz gigs without an amp, have focused on getting a big acoustic sound and use gut strings. Of course there are also times where I need to amplify. I have tried many upright bass mics in the past and wound up selling them all. I have also tried nearly every pickup out there. A few months ago, I decided to forget about mics and just use a pickup when it was needed. So now the "Myers Pickup" comes along . . .
I experimented at home with it for an afternoon and then did two gigs. The first one in a noisy restaurant with sax, guitar, bass and drums, through a Phil Jones Double Four using the Headway preamp. I could not have done this gig without an amp, so this upright bass microphone gave me the extra boost to be heard, loud and clear. The amp was on the floor, tilted up - no feedback at all. The second gig was at Smoke, playing into the Headway through an AI head & Epifani cab with a direct out to the house PA., including a piano/bass/drums trio with a singer. I could get plenty of volume through the amp without feedback, as long as I stood in front of the amp. The sound was clean, clear and very natural. And best of all, it just feels so good, not having anything muting the bridge. The Myers Upright Bass Pickup allows the natural attack/decay of the instrument.
The best place on my bass is between the legs of the bridge with the mic pointing north of the bridge, very close to the top (see attached picture)."

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