Edin (Edo) Sadikovic

Professional Accordionist

Saint Louis, MO

"I am using my accordion pickup that has three external mics. The two outside mics are 4.5" in length and the center one is 2" in length."

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Edin (Edo) Sadikovic grew up in Prijedor, Bosnia and Hercegovina. Edo learned accordion at a very early age. Edo has a strong background as a classically trained musician, and is equally comfortable in the pit orchestra or on stage in a wide variety of musical styles. However, his love of Sevdah traditional music of Bosnia and Hercegovina remains his primary artistic focus. Edo's musical ability ranges from playing Sephardic, Middle Eastern, Turkish and Balkan dance, to classical music installations. Edo's expertise as a musician includes not only his playing his accordion with the skill of a virtuoso, but also collecting and repairing accordions. He continues to perform and teach privately in St. Louis, MO where he lives with his family.


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