Chris Brinn


Professional Accordionist

Searsmont, ME

"Excellent sound! I can hear both sides of the accordion. It's ideal for folks who don't want to add mics permanently, or mark their instruments. This accordion pickup is great for acoustic music!"

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Chris Brinn came to the U. S. almost eighteen years ago from the small fishing port of Padstow on the North Cornish coast, in the South West of Great Britain. He now lives in Searsmont with his wife, Carol and their son, Declan. Chris, who is mostly self-taught and does not read music particularly well, has been playing piano accordion for over almost thirty years, specializing in Irish music and the dance tunes and songs of his home. His connection with Ireland stems from his grandfather, born in Wicklow and raised in Dublin. Since coming to America, Chris has been able to immerse himself in traditional Irish and Irish-American music and is heavily influenced by such masters as Jimmy Keane, Phil Cunningham, Joe Derrane, and Sharon Shannon, to name a few. Before moving to Maine, he spent four years on the West Coast, living in Seattle and Spokane, and gaining valuable experience in the traditional music scene within those cities. Since taking up residence on the East Coast, Chris has placed first in the All Ireland qualifier in NY, and been a part of a number of locally based Irish- American bands.


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