Brian Kuterbach

Professional Musician

Dallas, Texas

"Last weekend I did an acoustic show with the Mark Gorman Band and used the Myers Original percussion pickup. This product is awesome!  The live sound, as well as the direct recording, sounded incredible and the quick set up is a welcome benefit! Had another great experience with Myers Pickups this past Saturday night. Showed up to gig, stuck the cajon pickup on my Cajon, did some subtle PA adjustments and I was ready. Got a lot of compliments on the sound. Glad to be endorsing this product."

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Brian Kuterbach began his musical journey at the age of eight, when his father would regularly take him to nearby Philadelphia to see some of the greatest jazz and big band artists of the time. With a particular fascination for the drums, Brian knew that music and drums would have to be part of his life and began to formally study percussion at the age of nine. With a desire to learn as many musical styles as possible, Brian played whenever and wherever he could --- in school bands as well as local rock and jazz bands. A wide array of musical influences from Philadelphia Soul to Rush to Santana began to shape his musical sensibilities. Striving to better understand musical structure, Brian began studying keyboards and piano. Continuing his musical journey, Brian went on to receive a BA degree in percussion.


Today, Brian brings his musical knowledge and wide variety of influences to the drums, playing with various local bands that showcase R & B, classic rock, country, and jazz. Brian’s drumming philosophy has never wavered: “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Play to complement the music.”


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