Frances Demoretcky

Professional Musician

Asheville, NC

"A couple years ago, some fellow musicians and I discovered the melodica and formed a group, consisting of 5 melodicas.  At first we were content to be an acoustic group.  Then we added an EWI and an electronic keyboard so we got curious about using amps for the melodicas.  We soon found out that it's a jungle out there!  Fortunately, one of our members, Barbara, discovered Gregg Myers, who has been our electronics guide.  I recently purchased his Myers gooseneck melodica pickup from "The Grip" series --- so easy to use that even I can do it.  It easily attaches to my Suzuki Bass and, when hooked up to my Fender Rumble 25, gives a very natural sound --- only bigger.  Great for those pieces that need a strong bass line.  There's a volume control on the pickup, so I don't have to be next to the amp to go up or down in volume.  And feedback has never been a problem.  The melodica microphone also attaches nicely to my Yamaha 37 key pianica and I've been experimenting with effects from my Fender Passport mini.  Thank you, Gregg, for putting together this sweet little item."

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