Christopher Davis-Shannon

Professional Musician

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"After 20 gigs, from festival stages to the corner of loud bars, I can say that this banjo pickup works! It sounds like my instrument --- just louder! It has a volume control which is very nice for people like me who double on different instruments and need to be able to mute it quickly. This is a wonderful pickup that works well."

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Christopher Davis-Shannon's music is the essence of honest simplicity.  Bringing together influences ranging from Fats Waller to Chet Baker, he creates an atmosphere that will instantly transport you back to jazz and blues clubs of the early 20th century. Not content with being called a traditionalist, he forges ahead with his own modern take on timeless classics, weaving together a sound that is enjoyed by both young and old.

As a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and educator based in Philadelphia, Davis-Shannon maintains a steady tour schedule with his own music, as well as being a sideman for various acts. He brings to the stage not just the pure joy of music, but a vast knowledge of the history behind the songs that he holds close to his heart. His intricate instrumental work and plaintive vocals are infused with soulfulness which cannot be faked, and a respect for his predecessors which is rarely equaled.

A modern vagabond, he has toured the world as a performer on stages from New Zealand to New Orleans, from Las Vegas to New York City.  At his young age he has had the pleasure to share the stage with such greats as Pete Seeger (The Weavers) and Franny Beecher (Bill Haley and His Comets) and is at home playing a house concert for five people or playing at a 2500 seat theatre.

Mike Batchelor at Kettle Pot Tracks may have said it best: "Christopher writes good songs, plays the crap out of them, and smiles every second he’s doin’ it. Let this guy into your lives a little, and be better for it!"