Reimund "Ferdi" Eberth

Professional Musician


"I use my Myers Grip with 3" Flexible Micro-Gooseneck dobro pickup on my Continental Dobro. I have attached the dobro pickup in many different places on the instrument and in every position, it sounds great! For me, it's very important that the sound stayed natural as an acoustic played Dobro --- not like an electric guitar. And that is what this dobro pickup is doing very well. The sound is great and the volume control is a nice feature for using on stage with my 3 piece Band, "Blues Unlimited." Another useful feature is the "Grip" suction cup. If you like to have a smoother sound, fix the pickup near the "f - hole" of the instrument and put the gooseneck into it. It's ready to play! I'm very happy I found your dobro pickup, which is performing with the exact sound I prefer!"

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Audio Samples:

I've attached two little pieces of music, which I've recorded spontaneously at my production studio. The first is with some bass, drums, Wurlitzer - piano and, of course, the Dobro. The second is an acoustic tune with my handcrafted Yamaha CPX 15 S and the Continental - Dobro. Both by using the "Grip" with the 3" Flexible Micro-Gooseneck. Enjoy them!"


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