Todd Luerding

Professional Accordionist

St. Louis, MO

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"Simplicity. That is what I needed - no adapters, no external boxes, no switches. Plug it in and play. In an Americana/Rock setting, moving quickly from one instrument to another is crucial. With this accordion pickup, it is as simple as plugging in and playing. The design is rugged enough for rock and roll, and sensitive enough for folk music. The tone is clear and the product is durable. I'm looking forward to getting a lot of use out of these accordion pickups."

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For over 30 years, the band Serapis has worked hard to develop a sound that stands apart from other St. Louis area bands. A performance list that includes original rock, blues, and reggae - blended with carefully selected cover music has made Serapis a leader on the St. Louis music scene.

Serapis is a classic American band in every sense of the word. Originating in garages of a midwestern town, these guys honed their craft with millions of hours logged in smoke-filled bars and stages nation-wide.

From the beginning, their choice has always been to play “something different” - to champion the unsung heroes, and not to simply recite the hits. They have been able to pull off this stunt for so many years simply by being good musicians and entertainers.

But mostly because they honestly love playing music.


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