Neo Camerata

Professional Classical Group

Dallas, TX

Neo Camerata uses multiple Myers "Feather" Cello Pickup Systems for all of their instruments.

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Neo Camerata touring with band, Say Anything, using their Myers "Feather" Pickup Systems during live shows.

Neo Camerata performs new classical music by award winning composer, Mark Landson, which combines the emotion and beauty of classical, the excitement and energy of pop, and the awe-inspiring technique of virtuoso musicians. Critics have called it a “genre-busting,” “technically impressive,” “emotionally stirring” and a “totally cool and amazing” experience.
Formed in 2003, the group has performed at the Cannes Film Festival, the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, and on the bill with orchestras and pop singers. 
After a seven year hiatus, the group was re-formed by Landson and went on a 32 city tour in 2015 with the rock band, Say Anything, also playing 25 classical concerts along the way. 
Neo Camerata again hits the road in 2017, partnering with Landson’s organization “Open Classical” and also “Music In Familiar Spaces” to bring the music and experience to multiple cities across the US.


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