Micky McNullty


Lincolnshire, Ireland

"I've used all different mics on my Bodhrans over the years. In fact, John Jo Kelly, the king of Bodhran players said that the only mics any good for this drum where the Shure SM81-LC and also at the bottom of the drum, the Shure Beta 52A. Well, they are great mics sure enough, but you have to have them on mic stands and you can't move from the mics because you'll lose the sound. Your bodhran microphones are better and the reasons are that you can move around. Brilliant! No need to stop in one place because the bodhran microphones go where you go. Secondly, the sound from these bodhran microphones are awesome! Every Bodhran player should get one. I've got two old Shure mics for sale. I'm sticking with Myers!"

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