Steve Menasco


Okmulgee, OK

"I came across this little dobro guitar pickup and purchased one to compare to my built in pickup.  It is a preamp with a 1/4" jack and 3" gooseneck mic. I tried it with my acoustic amp and the sound is great with no distortion and virtually no feedback.  It can be moved to other guitars since it mounts with a suction cup, either on the coverplate or the guitar.  The gooseneck mic just sticks down in a coverplate hole. Now I have a pickup with a built in preamp that needs only one cord.  The internal lithium battery will power the unit for hundreds of hours and is replaced by removing two small screws. Here's why I love it.  It sounds great, it's small, it can be moved around to use on multiple guitars, it has a volume knob, it eliminates the need for an external preamp, it's reasonably priced.  Would I purchase it again?  In a heartbeat!  Oh, and did I mention that it sounds great?"

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