Robby Fair

Professional Musician

Santa Barbara, CA


"I needed a pickup for my resonator guitar. I was getting really tired of feedback issues with my condenser mic. I was thinking about having a pickup system installed in my guitar, but everyone I've heard playing a National or Dobro sounded kinda funky like trying to amplify a beer can or a hubcap!  Then I went online and started to do my research and saw a couple of videos of the Myers Grip 6" Flexible Micro-Gooseneck resonator guitar pickup. Wow!!! That was it! It sounded like the resonator guitar, not an amplified ashtray. Bingo! I gotta tell ya folks, it's the real deal and I've used it live and it's great!!! I'm a pro musician and been playing for over 40 years. I love that technology has gotten so great to where we have authentic sounding mics for acoustic guitars and mandolins and all the other acoustic instruments that are sounding so natural!!! I will be playing this Myers Grip 6" resonator guitar pickup for years to come."


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