Jim Rosario

Professional Musician

Temple, PA

Thank you!!! This little upright bass pickup is amazing.  It's a natural live bass sound that's delivered through the F hole and it is so beautiful! Other upright bass pickups on the bass bridge sound more electric than an acoustic bass. The suction cup on the pickup stays on with no problem. It's so easy to set up. My upright bass sounds great with your Myers Pickup. I'm sharing this with all my fellow musicians. Thank you again!
You will be getting a sales call from Bennie Sims, bassist for jazz group New Foundation, Pieces of a Dream and owner of Boom Camp Productions Recording Studio. He just produced a group called Uptown band with a hit single SJ3, which is 15th on the jazz charts. He lost his mind when he played his upright with your amazing pickup last night! We were talking how this pickup fills the room with the natural sound of the bass, without hearing it coming out of the direction of amp. I will keep telling everyone about this tiny amazing pickup! Thank you again."

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