Gary Warnock


Aiken, SC

"I just was able to play some music using my new Myers Pickup. So nice! I play several instruments, but currently on a mountain dulcimer kick. When I play out in public I had been taking my mic as well as mic stand with the goose neck to bend it down to the sound holes of the dulcimer. Talk about awkward to use and uneven sound. 
I hooked my new pickup up and stuck it on the dulcimer and almost jumped out of my chair! The sound is just fantastic! I used it on my guitar too. The mountain dulcimer, being such a soft sounding instrument anyway, I was concerned that the pickup would just do OK.....It far exceeded my expectations! I play at an art show this weekend and just can't wait to try it out. Many thanks!
P.S. "Can you hear me now?" Yes, you can. :-))"

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