Derwyn Docken

Professional Musician

Ontario, Canada

"I always had difficulty finding a good pickup for my treasured, handmade 8-string Hardanger Fiddle. The contact Piezo pickups always sounded scratchy and did not reproduce the full frequency range of the instrument. A regular stage mic gave good sound but then I had to stay close to it and my movement was limited. This was until I discovered the Myers 'Feather' pickup.
The installation instructions that came with the pickup were very clear and I had no trouble, fixing the unit to my violin. What a wonderful surprise to hear the clear tones of the violin pouring out of the speakers of the amp! The 'Feather' picked up the full range of resonances of the instrument. I am very pleased with this pickup and would highly recommend the Myers 'Feather' to anyone looking for a quality product. I especially liked the belt clip that enables a secure attachment for the mic cords.

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Tags: Violin Pickup, Violin Microphone

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