Peter Jacobs


Austin, MN

"The Myers accordion pickup attaches easily and sounds great! It eliminates the problem I had with picking up and setting down a 25 pound accordion with a microphone, only inches away, and trying not to bump the mic.  By adjusting the accordion pickup placement and angle of the Flexible Micro-Gooseneck, I can get a nice balance between treble keys and the bass buttons.  Once the suction cup is securely in place, it stays put. I have never had it fall off."
This show was a Lawrence Welk tribute by the Northwestern Singers. Details can be found on the website below, under "Spring Concert."
P.S.  One of my friends was there, doing sound, and I asked if he wanted to mic me or use the accordion pickup I brought.  He said he definitely wanted to use my Myers accordion pickup. He helped me set up for another gig and had seen it in action once before.

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