Gene Williams

Orchestra Director

San Antonio, TX


"I bought two of your acoustic guitar microphone/pickups. I have installed each of them on the rear of an electric guitar. I removed the suction cup, and installed them using double sided tape. I put a small piece of black gaffing tape over the actual microphone. In this configuration (running through a micro mixer), I am able to produce two different mellow, non descript percussion sounds. I will experiment to find other sounds I can produce with just my finger(s) and the pickup. I play a solo jazz and other stuff gig, at which I play a guitar strung with and E and A bass string as the bottom two strings. So it is like having the bottom two strings of a bass and the top four strings of a guitar. I use a basic looper pedal. With your pickup attached to the guitar, I am able to sound like a bass player, a rhythm guitar player, a lead guitar player, and two different Latin/auxiliary percussion players!

Buying two of your pickups/microphones is one of the best gear purchases I have ever made!"


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