The Grip Series

The Grip is so compact that it can be positioned on a multitude of instruments. It was designed to ensure quality and to deliver sound like a "tiny giant!" 


Series Options:

The Grip Original


The Grip Original without the gooseneck is perfect for your percussion instruments. With plenty of head room, it delivers all the highs and lows your instrument was designed to reach! Stick it on or in your cajon, conga or any other drum you want to amplify and start rockin' with volume and natural sound! 

Included in our Grip Original is the inlaid Myers pickup element. This is one of the vital components that reproduces the purest sound of your instrument! Read the countless reviews about the rich and pure sound delivered by our pickups.

New!!! For surfaces that are not compatible with our suction cup, you may purchase our new Grip Clip Accessory Package (see below) to use in lieu of the suction cup.

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Grip Clip.jpg

The Grip Djembe Pickup System

Your passion was heard when we created The Myers Djembe Pickup System . With the hand-held percussionist in mind, we heard the beat of a different drum . . . your drum! We specifically designed this system for djembes and hand held percussion instruments, allowing you to secure our Grip 6" Flexible Micro Gooseneck pickup to your percussion instrument without modification or permanent installation. Imaging hearing your hand rhythms with volume. Sweet volume. All accessories are included to give you ample mounting possibilities with your instrument.

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Djembe Pickup

The Grip with Flexible Micro-Gooseneck

gnn 2.jpg

The Grip with our Flexible Micro-Gooseneck was specifically designed for string instruments, providing even more versatility! Adjust the micro-gooseneck with precision and accuracy, allowing you to capture and bring out the most pure and natural sound of your instrument. Flexible Micro-Goosenecks are available in 3" and 6" lengths, and easily attach/detach with a suction Grip!

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the Grip/Clamp Micro Gooseneck

Myers Pickups also offers The Grip Flexible Micro-Gooseneck with an adjustable carpenter clamp, which is perfect for violins, mandolins and autoharps! The carpenter clamp can be removed and easily transformed to our original design with a suction grip, to be used on your other treasured instruments. Accessories are included, such as felt and cork pads to protect your instrument from scratches. The Grip/Clamp is available with a 3 inch or a 6 inch flexible micro gooseneck.

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The Grip Plus

Grip Plus 3"/Grip Plus 6"


Myers Pickups introduces the "Grip Plus!" It is designed specifically for instruments (like accordions) to naturally and beautifully capture the full treble frequencies of your instrument. The Grip Plus has two Flexible Micro-Goosenecks that are available in 3" and 6" lengths.  It easily attaches and detaches with a suction Grip!

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The Grip Plus 6" with Bass Extension

Myers Pickups introduces the NEW "Grip Plus 6 with Bass Extension!" Designed specifically for instruments (like accordions) to naturally and beautifully capture both the bass and treble sides of your instrument. The Grip Plus has two flexible 6" micro-goosenecks for the treble side and a 47" flexible micro-gooseneck to capture the bass frequencies. It easily attaches and detaches with a suction Grip!

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Grip Plus Deluxe


Myers Pickups introduces their "Grip Plus Deluxe," which has three flexible micro-goosenecks (two 6" and one 3"). These work together to capture the full range of possibilities for your instrument. Destination . . . "Sweet Spot!!!"

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Series Features:

The Grip With Gooseneck

Rich Pure Sound: Myers Pickups fuse together engineering and design with quality and efficiency to deliver sound like a "tiny giant!" The Grip is so compact that it can be positioned on a multitude of instruments with an unlimited amount of adjustability, without  damaging  or performing surgery on your treasured instruments. 

Grip Mounting Suction Cup

Preamp Equipped: Fully equipped with an internally powered, active preamp to produce the richest sound your instrument can deliver! Lithium battery power-source (included)  is pre-installed and each pickup is meticulously tested before delivery.

Multiple Mounting Options: Hardware is provided for three mounting options, including THE GRIP (a high quality 1.375" diameter, soft rubber durometer suction cup). If your instrument surface is not compatible with The Grip or, if you prefer, we include two optional mounting applications for more permanent and semi-permanent applications.

Dimensions: (1.97" x 1.38" x .79")

Auto Power On/Off: Embedded in the side of the Grip Active/Preamp Control Module rests our 1/4" activation jack. It houses an internal switch circuit which automatically powers up the preamp when plugged in!

actavation jack.jpg

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