Feather Series

The Feather Series, a powerful and unique pickup system that can be positioned on a multitude of instruments.


Series Options:

The Feather

Myers Pickups introduces their lightweight powerhouse. So light that we named it "The Feather." So compact that it can be positioned on a multitude of instruments with absolutely no permanent installation or modification of any kind and still gives you an unlimited amount of versatility!  

Dimensions for preamp enclosure: (1.97" x 1.38" x .79")

Fully equipped with an internally powered, active preamp to produce the richest sound your instrument can deliver! Lithium battery power-source is included and pre-installed. Each pickup is meticulously tested before delivery.

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The Feather-2


The Feather-2 was designed specifically for instruments (like accordions, concertinas and full-size harps) to naturally and beautifully capture both the bass and treble sides of your instrument, with plenty of room to reach those designated sweet-spots. 

The Feather-2 has two 6" Flexible Micro-Goosenecks that are permanently connected to the preamp module with two separate, lightweight signal wires. This model easily attaches and detaches from your instrument with The Feather's Saddle-Clips and/or the the Suction-Minis!

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The Feather-Plus NEW!!

The Feather-Plus was designed specifically for wood wind and acoustic instruments (like clarinet, flutes and violins and banjos) to naturally and beautifully capture both the higher and lower register sides of your instrument. 

The Feather Plus has dual heads that come in 5"or 10" Flexible Micro-Goosenecks that are permanently connected to the preamp control module with one lightweight signal wire. This model easily attaches and detaches from your instrument with The Feather's Saddle-Clip and/or the Feather Clip!

Feather Plus with Dual 10" Flexible Micro Goosenecks

Feather Plus with Dual 10" Flexible Micro Goosenecks

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The Feather-Duo

The Feather-Duo is our newest Pickup System that gives you the choice between a single flexible micro-gooseneck or a dual flexible micro-gooseneck!

Designed by and for the multi-instrumentalist in mind, The Feather-Duo is equipped with two Flexible Micro-Goose assemblies so you can easily switch from a single or dual micro-mic system. Great for all instruments which makes this our most versatile pickup! With the Feather-Duo Pickup System, you now have the option to leave the micro-gooseneck attached to your instrument and simply unplug from the active/preamp module.

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The Feather-Soul


The Feather Soul was designed for the Harmonica, Blues Harp and Jaw Harp Musician in mind. The first of its kind, our Feather Soul gives you complete mobility without impeding the use of your fingers and hands . . . practically hands free! It gives the amplification you desire with perfect, natural tone never seen or heard before. It is so light you won't even know it's there!!!

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 2.19.16 PM.png

The Feather Soul is equipped with a 6" Flexible Micro-Gooseneck that can be easily and simply adjusted to fit your playing style. Never before has there been such a lightweight system, so adaptable for the harmonica player in mind. You will instantly feel the freedom the Feather Soul gives you. Each active system comes with a neoprene soul finger band. You will finally have the comfort you desire, paired with the perfect sound and tone. The patented saddle-clip snugly fits the soul band to make it the perfect combination any harmonica player desires. 

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Series Features:

6" Micro Gooseneck

6" Flexible Micro-Gooseneck: Equipped with a 6" Flexible Micro-Gooseneck, the "Feather" can reach into the tightest places for that ultimate sweet spot. The Myers Flexible Micro-Gooseneck is so adaptable that it can be twisted into a tight knot and back again, yet still flawlessly picks up your instruments' natural and truest sounds. Includes the removable Myers Pickups' molded windscreen that fits like a tailored glove!

Patented Saddle Clip

Patented Saddle-Clip: Each Feather active pickup system includes the patented Saddle-Clip. The Saddle-Clip was designed to securely clip to your instrument and saddle the Flexible Micro-Goosneck at the same time! It attaches and detaches quickly and easily!  Cork pads and soft rubber pads are provided for even more protection from scratches and dings to your treasured instrument. 

Feather Clip

Feather Clip: The Feather Pickup System includes our “Feather Clip," designed as an additional option for mounting the Flexible Micro-Gooseneck in tight places. It includes a soft rubber boot and rubber bumpers to protect your instrument. The Feather Clip provides even more versatility when it comes to mounting options.

Suction  Mini Easily Attaches/Detaches

Suction Mini: Also included in each Feather active pickup system is the Suction-Mini, which provides an additional mounting method if needed. It opens even more instrument possibilities to attach to the Feather Pickup System, allowing you to accurately capture the sweet spot of your instrument. The Suction-Mini is a miniature suction cup with a 1" diameter, made with a soft durometer quality rubber that can safely, quickly and easily attach and detach, without damaging the finish on your instrument. 

                  Belt/Strap Clip

Belt/Strap Clip: Equipped with a belt/strap clip, the active/preamp can be part of you on stage! Need volume adjustment? No problem! It's just a short reach away. If you prefer, it can be attached to a strap or the equivalent. Each "Feather" Active Pickup System includes a 48" long light-weight signal cord that gives more than enough play for movement when performing!

Custom length signal cables available upon request for a minimal up charge. 

Auto Power On/Off: Embedded in the side of the Feather Active/Preamp rests our 1/4" activation jack. It houses an internal circuit switch which automatically powers up the preamp when plugged in!


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