A Flute Microphone That Will Blow You Away!

September 16, 2019


The flute is a staple to any orchestra all around the world with its unique sound and tone. The flute can be part of a larger group or be played as a solo instrument often used in jazz. The flute is especially hard to mic properly for a number of reasons. The first is that the sound comes from a small section of the flute. Therefore, a large flute microphone will pick up sounds other than the flute. The second reason it is hard to find a flute microphone is that the space is limited to mount anything onto the flute. Most of the flute is taken up by the keys so that there is little room to attach a flute microphone. The last reason it is hard to find a flute microphone is that it is hard to stay in the same spot in front of a stationary flute microphone stand, causing the sound of your flute to change, depending on your position. These reasons used to keep sound artists up at night. That is, until now. Myers Pickups has the perfect flute pickup that can be easily and temporarily mounted on your flute without any damage, can pick up every note played and will keep the sound of your flute consistent and fluid when being streamed through an amp or the house speakers of a venue. There are several choices of flute pickups we will go over, all of which will leave you feeling confident in your sound.


The Feather Flute Pickup


The first flute pickup we will talk about is our most versatile pickup available. It is our Feather Flute Pickup. This pickup is special because the battery powered preamp system can be placed off of the flute. This way, your flute pickup can be powered up with only the flute microphone placed on your flute. Extending from the flute pickup is the long 48” flute microphone. This length allows you to easily clip the flute pickup to your belt or nearby music stand and then easily clip the flute microphone to the head joint of your flute. The flexible end of the flute microphone can be positioned right where the sound is without capturing other sounds and without heavy cables coming from your flute. Moving around is no problem because now the flute microphone moves with you and the flute pickup system can be easily clipped to your belt, making it easier than ever to control the volume.


The Feather-Plus Flute Pickup

The next flute pickup we are going to highlight is the Feather Plus Flute Pickup. This pickup is identical to the feather with the built in battery-powered preamp and a long 48” flute microphone coming from the preamp box. What makes this flute pickup special is that at the end of the flute microphone, the flute microphone is split into two flute microphones. This allows even more coverage and ability to focus the flute microphones in any desired position. The flute microphones can either come in 5” or 10” lengths at the end of the flute microphone. Easily clip the preamp to your belt and the flute microphones to your flute and you become surrounded with flute mics with the ability to catch the simplest and most unique sounds from your flute.


The Feather Duo Flute Pickup


The last flute pickup we are bringing to your attention may be our favorite flute pickup that we offer. The Feather Duo Flute Pickup has the ability to plug two separate sets of flute microphones into one flute pickup. Having this ability to plug in flute microphones to the flute pickup allows you to previously mount the flute microphones to your flute and easily switch between flutes during a live gig without ever having to move the preamp. Start by mounting the flute microphones to your flute and when ready. easily plug in the end of the flute microphone to the jack on the flute pickup and you are ready to be heard. The flute pickup easily attaches as the others do to your belt, pocket or nearby music stand. This way, it is always in reach to adjust the volume levels as you desire. The flute microphones will seamlessly plug in and out as you switch between flutes without the audience ever seeing how it is done. The lightweight flexible flute microphones can be positioned to your desired position and listen as every note is played through the loud speakers. This flute pickup offers a variety of options to use as you see fit!


The flute is an instrument that spans across generations and continents. However there is one flute pickup brand that helps to relieve the difficulty of properly mic’ing this beautiful instrument. Myers Pickups has exactly what you have been looking for with easy attachable and removable flute microphones, a battery powered flute pickup and a perfect tool that will move with you while capturing every note. No matter the style of flute pickup that is right for you, when you choose Myers Pickups you are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and our 2 year warranty as well as our amazing customer service. You will be in great hands and have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our goal is make every musician’s passion be heard.

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