The Same Soothing Sounds, Now For The Whole Crowd To Hear With Our Dulcimer Pickup

April 25, 2019


The Dulcimer is an instrument that some people would not recognize. However, the dulcimer is used in many different cultures and countries and goes by several different names. The dulcimer is a simple instrument with a soft and harmonic sound. Most dulcimers are played on a stand or the lap of the musician, almost as if it was a keyboard with strings. The dulcimer is as natural as it comes. Musicians have struggled time and time again to properly mic their dulcimer. Most mics cannot capture all of the sound and tone escaping through the different sound holes and keep that true authentic sound. That is, until now. With the Myers Dulcimer Pickup, you can now keep the true qualities of the dulcimer while not missing a single note that is played. Amplify this with our dulcimer pickup and what was once a quaint sound is now bouncing off the back wall of any venue. There are a few dulcimer pickups to choose from, so we will discuss which options you have and which solution is perfect for you and your music!


The Grip Dulcimer Pickup


The grip dulcimer pickup is among the most popular choices when choosing the perfect dulcimer pickup for you. The reason this dulcimer pickup may be the best choice is because the battery-powered preamp can sit on top of your dulcimer, making it easy to adjust the volume controls. The grip dulcimer pickup also contains a dulcimer microphone,, extending out of the preamp box. This dulcimer microphone comes in both 3” and 6” lengths and is able to be bent in any desired position and will remain there, catching every escaping note. This allows freedom to move the dulcimer microphone in a multitude of locations, allowing you to find what our customers call the “sweet spot” of your instrument where the sound is strong and full of both bass and treble. The preamp of the dulcimer pickup easily attaches with the provided suction cup and many other options, leaving your preamp firmly stable without damaging the finish of your instrument.


The Grip-Plus Dulcimer Pickup


The next dulcimer pickup we offer is the Myers Grip-Plus Dulcimer Pickup. This dulcimer pickup is similar to the original grip dulcimer pickup in looks and function. However, this dulcimer pickup has the option of having multiple dulcimer microphones. Attach the battery-powered preamp of the dulcimer pickup in the same way as before and choose between two 3” or two 6” dulcimer microphones. This allows you to place each dulcimer microphone in the sound holes of the dulcimer. This dulcimer pickup guarantees that the raw and natural sound of the dulcimer will be captured to the fullest. Once again, easily bend the dulcimer microphones to the desired position and the dulcimer microphones will hold to that specific location, allowing you to play and sway and not fluctuate the sound that the audience is hearing.


The Feather Dulcimer Pickup

The last dulcimer pickup that might suit you is the Myers Feather Dulcimer Pickup. This dulcimer pickup is by far the most popular pickup we offer because it can be mounted to nearly every instrument and in many places on the dulcimer. The feather dulcimer pickup has a battery-powered preamp that attaches to a music stand, pocket or belt. This allows you to have the preamp box of the dulcimer pickup out of sight and out of the way while still getting the amazing sound of your dulcimer. Out of the preamp box is one long 48” dulcimer microphone that can be clipped onto the dulcimer. You can mount the dulcimer microphone to the dulcimer with several provided clips allowing you complete freedom to attach the dulcimer microphone in the most ideal position for you. This dulcimer pickup is virtually unseen and inconspicuously runs down from the mounted position of the dulcimer pickup and to the preamp.


The dulcimer is not a dulcimer if the sound is changed by the use of a bad dulcimer microphone or dulcimer pickup. Get the same tone and sound of your dulcimer with our selection of dulcimer pickups and dulcimer microphones. For any questions, please reach out to us on the support page of our website. Go get your dulcimer pickup today and start being heard with the same quality sound that you are used to out of your dulcimer.

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