Steven Wright Clarkson

Professional Musician

Austin, TX


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"Steven Wright Clarkson is an Austin-based, mandolin-toting Pastor. In a world that seems every day a little more riddled with selfish-driven behavior and attitudes, Clarkson has selflessly devoted his life to bringing the word and majesty of Jesus Christ to the people." 
~ Rob Turner, Atlanta based music critic


I have been writing a lot since 4th grade, but have written devotional writings in the last 10 years or so.

I've coined my music "Urban Space Fusion"   
~ Urban, as I live in the 16th largest city in America
~ Space, as my music provides a lot of space, being solo mandolin
~ Fusion, as my thinking and playing of the mandolin come from years of living and traveling overseas, from Europe to Tibet.  

The Lord blessed me with the funds to replicate 5 albums last year. All I charge for is shipping and the actual cost to me of the CDs (around $1 each).  Four of them are just solo mandolin. One (The Prism) has spoken word, both from the Psalms and original. This album also uses world instrumentation. 

You can stream some of my music at 

It is good background music for devotion and meditation, which brings joy to my life. 

The solo mandolin recordings are Color It Simple, Sometimes, The Unseen and Fatherhood.   I would be happy to send any or all of these to you if they interest you. You can contact me at