David Piche & Mikey Hachey


Professional Musicians

String Puppies Band

"These violin pickups and upright bass pickups are ready to rock! You take them out of the box and they have all the accessories. The advantage of having no need of phantom power is great. It weighs nothing! You don’t have to carry an extra 5 more pounds of gear. That’s pretty sweet!"

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String Puppies is a dynamic string band made up of David Piché and Mikey Hachey. This group is all about creating, composing, arranging and exploring new music with Violin and the Bass. We also incorporate other strings like guitar, electric bass, electric violin and others. We are always searching for new ways to make our arrangements fresh and unique. It is our vision to produce great music videos that showcase the virtuosity of string instruments and we believe that they need to be more recognized in the Pop Music world.

String Puppies is showing that there is a new breed . . . a youthful generation of musicians who are driven to take art and music to a new and exciting place for people of all ages. We are hard working musicians and are passionate about what we do in music.


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