Ralph W Lundvall


Everett, WA

"I use your pickup every Sunday for about 50 minutes each time. I merely plug it to the 1/4 jack and lay it into the rear hole of the cajon I play. When I first received the cajon pickup, I immediately replaced the battery. I did this solely to track how it uses batteries. I am still using that same battery, so battery drain when plugged in is minimal and better than expected - over 40 hours and still going. The sound quality is great. By adjustments at the mixer, lower notes are better than unamplified. The percussion pickup has worked well. I do not hesitate to recommend it." 

6/1/14 follow up:

"Purchased at the beginning of 2013. Put a new battery in it when I got it, just because that is what I always do. Finally today I replaced that battery!!! So at my current usage, the unit uses a battery per year and a little more. I'm marking my calendar for June 2015 to schedule the next battery change! Thanks again, Gregg, for the great pickup!"

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