Oscar Verdugo

Professional Musician  

Hacienda Heights, CA

Oscar final.JPG
"We have all asked the question before, “What is a good pickup for my Melodica?” I recently purchased the Myers gooseneck melodica pickup, which is a very simple melodica pickup to use. No bolting, Velcro, or double stick tape --- just a simple suction cup. It comes complete with a volume control (very important to have) and the big question . . . Yes, it sounds great! I was not sure if this was going to work or not so I stuck it on my Vibrandoneon, plugged it into my Fender Acoustasonic Jr and DONE! Put everything in the middle and with a little tweaking to find the sweet spot, I was ready to play.
I also plugged the melodica microphone into my pedal board and was able to use my delay and reverb. Works great with lots of volume. I stood about 5′ from my amp and no feedback at around 5 on the dial. Stood about 10′ and cranked it to about 7 and --- wow, pretty loud. Maxed out my 15′ guitar cord and I was up around 9 on the amp with no feedback. I placed the pickup in the middle of the Vibrandoneon and it picked up the entire keyboard! I think if I had 2, it would probably work great, but I would be concerned with phasing issues. All in all, this is a great little pickup!"

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