Johna Winkelman


Seattle, WA

"Our band, 'The Poor Clares' is a rock and roll outfit that includes a cellist and violinist, among the usual guitar band suspects. This poses quite a sound reinforcement challenge, both on stage and during practice. Loud guitars and drums don't get along with piezo pickups on delicate acoustic instruments, and we've been struggling to find a workable solution for years . . . until now.
The Myers Cello Pickup (the one with the goose neck) actually made our Cellist, Johna, cry tears of joy. I'm not kidding. No more tin can piezo sound, no more midrange woofing, no more feedback --- just a crisp, clear, and authentic cello sound but loud enough to keep up with overdriven tube amps. Nuff said. I'll be getting another cello microphone for my violin player, no doubt about it."
~ Mat Winkelman

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