Mthakathi Ema

Professional Accordionist

New York, NY

"Gear shout out! Used the new MYERS pickup system on the accordion for the 1st show of the House Concert Series 2014 . . . this accordion pickup worked like a charm and sounded great . . . no feedback issues while looping! Video clips coming. Thanks, Gregg Myers, for customizing a two element system for me!"

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Singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer Mthakathi (pronounced: (m-TAA-gaa-tee), conjures up music that is undeniably and unflinchingly Rock, but bespeaks a more prismatic World sensibility. It is music that draws from a lifelong immersion in South African culture; music that reflects a keen absorption of eclectic world elements; music that explores expression beyond borders; and music that rocks. An innovative song-smith, compelling lyricist, arresting guitarist and a spell-binding performer, Mthakathi - the "wizard," the "witch doctor," the "magic man," the "inyanga  who mixes things that shouldn't be mixed"- is a rock artist of world citizenry, one who defies the confines of simple categorization and smudges the boundaries of culture, genre and time. Equally at home "clicking" in a traditional Xhosa song in rural South Africa as he is unleashing a scorching Strat solo in a NYC club, Mthakathi began his rock / world fusion adventurism, touring and recording with many notable African artists in both Africa and the US. The development of his signature, cross-pollinating style - combining diverse cultural elements to create music that is mesmerizingly unique and magically universal - eventually earned him his endearing Zulu title by his South African "muso" family.

With the launch of his debut solo album Ownership (released under his a.k.a Ema), Mthakathi steered the rock / world fusion movement into the realm of Safro-Rock.  Ownership is a fiery 12 song, multi-culti mashup of finely crafted rock, vibrant African infusions and magnetic story-telling. Mthakathi's thought-provoking lyrics and dynamic voice are girded on each track by striking ethno-sonic landscapes, packed with South African voices, dizzying percussion beds, searing guitar solos and soaring sax rides.


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