Frankie Mulchey

Composer & Professional Accordionist

West Kerry, Ireland

"I use the Myers Grip with the 3" Gooseneck. It's terrific! This accordion pickup's sound is fantastic! It gives me great freedom when I play on stage."

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Frankie Mulcahy, an accomplished accordionist from West Kerry: Over the years I have composed and recorded my own music. I am influenced by Native American culture, Irish history/folklore as well as Scandinavian culture/folklore. I play many styles of music such as World Music, Spanish, Country, Blues and Traditional to name but a few. My music has been used in documentaries, such as a Chernobyl documentary on Channel 4/RTE  television. I am also an experienced drummer having played drums in my brother Tom’s original band, "Shaving Moses." I play drums on my new CD and my first group, “Draiocht,” released 2 CDs in the early 90’s --- “The Druid and the Dreamer” and “When the Smoke had Cleared.” Our first CD received many great reviews, including a 4 star review in Q Magazine. In the past I have toured and performed with Riverdance, Galway singer Sean Keane, recorded with Swedish pop singer Kayo and have performed with Nollaig Casey, Arty McGlynn, Eoin O’Neill, Noel Eccles, Kenneth Edge, Declan Masterson, Mick Hanley, Albert Niland and many more. More recently I have toured extensively in North American and Ireland with The High Kings. I have just finished my new CD, “The Way of the Dreamer” which is my first recording in 20 years. There are 8 instrumentals and 4 songs, all composed by my brother Tom and myself. It is available on my shop page or for download from iTunes. Thanks for looking in!!!


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