David Stearns

Professional Accordionist

Bonsall, CA

"Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the high quality Grip 3" I purchased from you.  Like most rock era kids, I left the accordion behind back in the 60's and migrated to piano, organ and other keyboards.  When my wife bought me an old used accordion with internal pickups I was excited, in a nostalgic sort of way . . . until I played it through my amp.  What a horrible bunch of noise came out, all caused by poor quality accordion pickups and the metal and plastic moving parts inside an accordion.  It was virtually unplayable - so I didn't.  Back in the case it went until I attached your accordion pickup to the plastic logo on the front of the accordion and bent the 3 inch mic a bit to the center (see photo).  The sound my accordion is making is virtually clatter free and mighty powerful. Reproduction is superior in every way.  You've put very old songs back into a very old accordion for an old piano man and I'm mighty grateful."

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